Gus and his team are amazing. They were able to pin point the problem and fix it in a timely matter. The office staff (Lucy) was spectacular. I highly recommend their services.

Paulita Z.

Our garbage disposal stopped working recently and we had no idea what the issue was. G&M came highly recommended from a friend, so I reached out to get a quote. I explained my issue to them and they asked a few questions to learn more about the issue. They gave me some advice to try fixing the problem free of charge - and it worked! Thanks so much for your support. We will spread the word about y'all. Thank you!

Topher R.

Austin, TX

I've used G and M on several projects and they've always been honest, reliable and affordable. They also don't waste time and get the job done. Highly recommended.

Heather M.

Austin, TX

G&M provided a prompt, incredibly courteous, quality repair. Further, their price was amazingly competitive even when I would have considered myself bent over a barrel --- finding a near emergency repair required. I will never use a different plumbing service and can't give them a strong enough recommendation to express my praise for their work.

Honest, straightforward craftsmen do exist, they are at G&M.

Rob F.

Austin, TX

We continue to love the awesome folks at G&M! Since last year, we've have them out to add an outdoor faucet and help us detach/reattach gas lines safely. Lucy, Gus and Eric continue to be phenomenal to work with and always willing to help us tackle what we need quickly and inexpensively. They are a permanent part of our home maintenance team!

Erin M.

Austin, TX

I cannot say enough good things about G&M Plumbing. If there was an option to give them a 6-star rating, I would choose it. I hired them to replace 2 sewer drain lines in my 1967 ranch-style home (slab foundation) and also to replace the drain line in the yard, from the cleanout to the street. They were able to start the job ahead of what I had originally anticipated, saving me a ton of stress and money. They also finished the job, including backfill of all holes and passing final city inspection, in under 1 week. In short, they were on it. I was amazed at how quickly and smoothly the entire process went.
I have since called them out again to replace a leaky kitchen faucet - a smaller job which also went very smoothly.
G&M has excellent customer service. They were prompt, efficient and completely reliable. I totally recommend that you use their services and I will definitely be calling them again in the future!

Tama H.

Austin, TX

We used G&M to completely replumb about 90% of our 1930s house. The pipes they removed were rusted cast iron and the sewer line was terra cotta! Their estimate was on point, they were so nice, good communicators, and I would absolutely rehire them.

One great example of the care they took is that while the plumbing had to be replaced, the previous owner had installed new tile over bad plumbing. G&M was so careful with their work that we didn't have to replace ANY of the new tile that they worked around (there was a little bit of drywall repair but I'll take that over trying to match tile any day).

Kirsten M.

Austin, TX

I wanted to thank Gus as he has been to our house to fix recurring issues more than once in the past week and a half. He fixed our issues with a smile and offered great customer service. We really appreciate all that he has done. Thank you, Gus!

I also sincerely appreciate Sonny's help in scheduling these appointments. He was attentive and helped us lock in appointments very quickly!

Thanks for all that you do.


Austin, TX

Cast iron plumbing had finally given out.
We had several folks come out to look it over and give estimates, some as high as $30,000.
Several neighbors recommended G & M, so I gave them a call.
Not only was their estimate much more affordable, the folks were so friendly and happy to answer any questions or concerns we had.
They came out, did an excellent job and in a timely manner.
G & M is a small, locally owned comp at that treats you like part of the family.
I can't say enough great things about them and fully stand behind a very high recommendation.

Shani Snoddy

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